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Geelong G.I. --- Australia --- "By Farr"

Geelong is one of the iconic wine regions of Australia in the state of Victoria. Is located in the Port Phillip Bay area an hour from Melbourne. This region has vines planted from 1845 due to Swiss vigneron immigration.
This region is home to a multitude boutique family with a different geographical latitude from a cool climate area with long cool and dry autumns, low rainfall with plenty of diversity from their subzone.
Maritime microclimate in the Bellarine and the Surf Coast zone with mainly Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Gris.
To the north, inland you will find the Moorabool Valley subregion with quartz gravel through a red volcanic soil, ironstone (called buckshot) with grey sandy loam with a heavy clay base, and volcanic lava rock. The microclimate of the Moorabool Valley is influenced by winds from the western plains and bracing sea breezes, which regulate the temperature on long, sunny days and cool the air overnight.

The Producer always stood up from me in this region …

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