domenica 30 giugno 2013

Viogner and Condrieu… Coleman and Cherry
Today was quite a boring winter day, I spent my morning reading about Don Cherry and his trumpet, an  awesome musician. I remember his music when I was in love with Ornette Coleman "Something else" "Tomorrow is the question" and "The shape of jazz to come" beautiful albums where Don Cherry show his beautiful talent. After that i bought some of his music and a Movie where he did the sound track Holy Mountain made by Alejandro Jodorowsky.
When i was back home i started to cook and I told to my wife to go and buy a bottle of Viogner around 50 bucks, she came back with a Domain Georges Vernay Viogner Le Pied de Samson 2011.
It was perfectly aromatic, peach, apricot and mushroom character on the nose mineral and tasty with lovely oily texture, some herbal, mint, sage; for sure not a reductive at all, very expressive wine but really enjoyable. Apparently Le Pied De Samson it is a lieux-dit located 300 meters above the town of Condrieu; this altitude exclude them from the Condrieu AOC. So we are there, where the expansive Viogner come from…. Thanks to my wife and Don Cherry made my day…. CHEERS, KAMPAE.

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