domenica 25 agosto 2013

Cappellano Barolo

Hi I know I already reviewed this wine a year ago, that was back in Italy, I tasted this again last night in the south hemisphere where I'm actually leaving now in Melbourne. The wine as soon I opened it was so closed and dirty which my mind though was off, very vinegar balsamic on the nose; i sip a bit and felt the tannin and fruit in my palate and in my mind I said "you need time".
After a couple of hours the wine was pure red fruit, amazing concentration. Notes of medicinal herbs and mint, ripe cherries, blueberries, rose and violet. Great structure ripe tannin. A superb wine.

Teoblado Cappellano passed away on February 21 - 2009, with his unique philosophy and his meticulous winemaking a legend in Barolo was the exceptional artisanal grower with great personality. He banished everyone that wanted to score his wine with numbers, he loves his review without score. He was a president of the influential "Vini Veri" group and also leader of Italy sustainable agriculture movement.
Cappelano made fewer than 800 cases of Barolo per year, all vilified traditionally: a fermentation of 14 to 21 days with indigenous yeast and aging in well seasoned "botti" for at least three years. He made two Barolo both from the legendary Gabutti vineyard on Serralunga best slope. He removed the Gabutti designation from his label to protest on the extension of the site.
Two thirds of his barolo are Barolo Rupestris a parcel planted on grafted rootstock n the 1940.
His other Barolo is the mythic Pie Franco which means ungrafted vine with Nebbiolo Michet clone, a Barolo before Phylloxera.

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