domenica 24 novembre 2013

Emanuel Brochet 2006 Villers aux Noeuds . R.M.

Emmanuel Brochet Villers aux Noeuds . R.M.
2,5 ha Pinot noir, Meniuer and Chardonnay Bottles produced annually 6.080.
Located beyond the city of Reims, in direction for Epernay there is a tiny village Villers aux Noudes where he works and lives-Emauelle Brochet a small vigneron in Champagne.
The vineyard are training organically with AB certified, but you will not find written on the label.
Small traditional press are used "Coquard" (the wooden square base).
All his Cuvèe born and mature in wood for over a year, but the tone is never woody too obvious with an incredible balance acid structure. First vintage was 2002, but be careful, because it can rely on vines planted in 1962 and 1986.
His millesime 2002 with an elavage on wood 11 months, show bright colour with golden hue, elegant fine bubble note of pistachio, brioche, apple and citrus zest a note of vanilla really clean and fresh on the palate with a tension acid… Linear and energetic.

Love Champagne.

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