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Saumur Blanc

Saumur blanc appellation is a Chenin blanc in the district of Anjou in the Loire valley region. Chenin Blanc also know as Pineau de la Loire need to be at least 80% in the appellation Saumur blanc.
Soil consistent on loose gravel, close to the bank of the Loire river you find this yellowish fragile sedimentary rock formed during the Turonian era roughly 90 millions years ago called Tuffeau. A combination of sand and marine fossils with the gravel character makes this rock extremely porous, absorbing water rapidly and releasing it slowly. This well drainage is very suitable for the growing of vines, so the vines can draw excess of water and hold reserves that stop the vines from shutting down entirely during drier periods.
The Foucault family's "Clos Rougeard" own 10 ha of vines in Saumur-Champigny and produce three red cuvees and one white.
Clos Rougeard is a cult estate that produces arguably the finest Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc in the  world. The Foucault brothers Nadi and Charlie took over the family business in 1969. They harvest in a very small yelds, vinify in barrel and leave the wine there for a couple of years in regards of the vintage 18/24 months all in a cold cellar and bottle without filtration.
Clos Rougeard Breze Saumur Blanc 2008.
Incredible rare, old vines Chenin Blanc. Gold color star bright, complex notes of crush rock, shellfish and flint, dried fruit and nuts and a touch of honey and excellent acidity.

Breze stand for the name of the clos in Saumur, like Corton Charlemagne in Aloxe-Corton.
To watch the son of Charlie Foucault which his name is Antoine, he has his own production called Domaine du Collier… Have a taste if you can…Awesome..
                                                                photo stole on the web
The Next wine I honorably had from Saumur was Domaine Guiberteau Clos de Guichaux 2010.
coming from a younger vines grown in a clay limestone terroir in a pure chalky bed rock near  Breze made with massale selection on the Breze clos; the wine spent 10 months in old barrel. Very electric, fine spine acid; tension trough mineral component citrus element and smoky fruit, dry finish with tonic character

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