venerdì 14 marzo 2014

Crozes - Hermitage

In the north part of Rhone Valley just before the Amazing Cornas appellation there is an amazing district called Crozes - Hermitage. The town of Tain - L'Hermitage divide the appellation in two diverse terroir; north of the town on the right bak of the Rhone river, the soil are granite based on hill terrace. South of the town the soil are more alluvial and sandy with varying percentage of clay and stone in the surface; climatically there is also a contrast, the north are hilly and cooler and the south are flat and relative warm.
The area under vine is almost 1,525 hectares
92% are shiraz based the rest 8% are two white grapes varieties Marsanne and Rousanne.
Natacha Chave she is a young winemaker start in 2004 in St. Joseph and in 2007 added 5,5 hectare on Crozes Hermitage.
The Aleofane from 2010 is a meaty black fruit with salty licorice and prune. Palate lots of red and black fruit, spicy and peppery, coarse tannins, tar and charcoal with great granitic minerality, all regulated with a balance acidity.

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