lunedì 21 aprile 2014

Ron Matusalem Santiago de Cuba 15 Anos

The Brothers Camp with the friend Evaristo Alvarez in 1872 in Santiago de Cuba, they started the project Matusalem. Using only the method Solera and with that they reaching the secret formula for this Rhum.
Last night I tried the 15 years old bought straight from Cuba, a friend of mine Marco Battista which  spend at least a few months a year in the island of the Spanish Caribbean let me try this gem:
Color is bright copper. Nose fruity almost citrus, waxy with hints of oaks, toasted nuts and caramelized brown sugar cane. Hint of saltines in the palate, dry and silky with some spiciness ginger and star anise.
I always had some reserve in regards of pop brand but this time I need to say this was very good.
Thanks to Marco Battista,, we will drink this bottle trough summer.
A good cocktail with rhum recommended by Marco:

Ti Punch:
traditional is made with white rhum agricole, lime, and cane syrup.
Easy to prepare straight in the glass with lime rind as garnish ice is an optional.

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