venerdì 5 ottobre 2012

A pinot noir for Alsace by Albert Mann,
500 horn manure
501 horn silica
502 Yarrow
503 Chamomile
504 Stinging Nettle
505 Oak Bark
506 Dandelion
507 valerian
508 Equisetum Casuarina
This number there are all the different homemade compost which Albert Mann apparently using to fertilized his vineyards to balance the atmosphere and the biodiversity in the land.
Also only using "selection massale" which consist in high quality vines, to maintain diversity.
After several months of fermentation, the wines remain in contact with their lees to stabilize them naturally, every thing is in according with moon for more energy and vitality.
Clos de Faille is a beatiful Pinot noir from Alsace made in a beautiful manner i loved this 2009.
Thanks to the Mann family

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