sabato 23 febbraio 2013

Cantine Terlan "Nova Domus 07" 
Alto Adige 60% Pinot Blanc, 30% Chardonnay and 10% Sauvignon

That wine is clear with very little fizziness in the glass which vanish with the time, lovely intensity with short and slow legs running the wall of the glass. Gold color with a lemon green rim.
The nose is clean with a great aroma profile developing with time while you are drinking it and I can bet with time, acacia and dried chamomile  flowers, ripe pear, apricot, mandarin, honeydew melon and passion fruit with slaty mineral components. Herbal as sage, dill and fennel finish with some sweet spiciness and kernel, coconut and hazelnut.
Dry in the palate with a pleased acidity with very very low tannin some stir lees occur in the vinification  with a great sensation of alcohol with a nice body structure. palate  show all the ripe orchard fruit integrated with oaky characteristic, herbal and spice aroma; smooth and elegant.

domenica 10 febbraio 2013

Domaine Gauby "Les Calcinaires" 2010 top estates of Languedoc - Roussillon
The soil are chalky, schist and calcareous thus the name Calcinaires.
Warm climate in south of France, mediterranean characteristic for this superb blend of Muscat, Macabeo and Chardonnay.
nose full of white fruit, peach and pear some fine herbs come as mint, flowers nasturtium and geraniums. Oily texture and crystalline minerality. Stupendous C02 on the glass means he will aging well.... . Greeny straw yellow the color a bit cloudy...