lunedì 12 agosto 2013

Pithon Paillè Loire Valley

From the website of Pithon Paillè:
The creation of a wine merchant business (négociant-eleveur) Jo Pithon’s dream has always been to set up a ‘négociant’ business, similar to those in Burgundy and the Rhone Valley, offering top quality wines grown on different terroirs. The idea of vinifying and aging wines made from the Chenin and Cabernet Franc grape using the different soil-types of the region was too tempting to resist... At the beginning of 2008, Jo Pithon and Isabelle Pithon, changed direction as only wine growers and decided to create a négociant-éleveur business with Joseph Paillé, Isabelle’s son, and Wendy Paillé, his wife, still retaining 5 hectares of their original estate, notably the famous Les Treilles, for they remain vignerons at heart! Now in 2013 the estate has grown to 13 hectares. The idea is to work hand in hand with growers, using predominantly Chenin and Cabernet Franc grapes. A work plan with vine growers have been created as follows : Careful selection of the plots, with a preference for organic production Supervision in the vines throughout the year. Deciding on the harvest date This means having a trusting relationship with the different wine growers and a profound knowledge of the Loire Valley. This knowledge Jo gained by spending much time in cellars all over the world over a period of thirty years, glass-in-hand! But of course everything started in the Loire Valley. The idea of maturing wines and improving their quality, nurturing them a bit like one would a child, to bring out the best in them, appeals to Jo. The process is a marriage between time and micro oxygenation. Maturation is mainly in burgundy barrels, the wines being left from 10 to 18 months depending on the style.
A chenin blanc from Anjou 2010
Light color. Delicate stony nose, with firm minerality, very good acidity honeyed with a nutty character streak from barrel aging. Rich and slightly unctuous with a refreshing note of acidity on the finish.
The wine perfectly show the clay, gravel shale on decomposed schist of Anjou. A perfect entry level of Chenin blanc from a good young growers

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