sabato 11 agosto 2012

Fuck french wines so good and delicious, chateau Rayas at Fonsalette, Reynaud family made perhaps the best white wine in Rhone Valley Grenache blanche and Clairette so clean fine and complex... beautiful to aging.... Didier Dagenau doesn't need to be presented the name talk himself "Silex" over all the best Sauvignon in the world... Drunk them with the best sommelier in Lion Thieabault current manage the wine list a Vue de Monde Melbourne.
Peter Schell an Australian young punk's winemaker.
In his wines want purity fruit, less alcohol and more finesse without losing structure he said to Decanter June 2012. I got the purity of the fruit a bit picked or cooked, however the fruit definitely is there, the tannin smoother lifted with a beautiful tonic minerality.
He said fruit purity is captured by harvesting earlier, the stems are using to inject spice and perfume, wild yeast give personality to the wine and large french oak with a long lees aging give the final complexity...
Too watch ....
Next one if a find a bottle would Bress, Le Grand Coq Noir by Adam Marks.
good sunday afternoon with Spinifex.