sabato 11 febbraio 2012

River Brook vineyard Riesling.

 2.4 tonnes/acre from this close-planted vineyard on Brancott Valley Road; silt-bound gravels. A carefully sorted (for grey rot, underripe bunches) but inclusive (of noble rot, and ripe berries, both turgid and shrivelling) pick, in a season that willed 25% botrytis. Whole bunch pressed, no settling, no fining agents. Indigenous fermentation of 17 months.
 Bottled December 2009, on the summer equinox. Alcohol 13.7%, pH 3.41, TA 5.8 g/l, RS 15g/l. Production 190 cases. 
 Brilliant yellow gold.
 Powerful bouquet of yellow fruits - mirabelle, muskmelon, Golden Queen peach - and herb and weed flowers: chamomile, wild fennel, goldenrod. Also an unusual, but intriguing musky/dusty note, no doubt from the noble rot. 
 Wonderfully rich and broad, mouthcoating and expansive, but with no troubling loss of detail or energy. Slippery and insistent at the same time. Long, complex, ripe yellow finish, with an attractive almond-kernel grip balancing the fruit sweetness. 

 That's was on my last amazing drink i had recently in Melbourne on my small flat... I really fell in love with this winery from New Zeland... Quite an outstanding terroir in Waikari in the center of the big island in N.Z. All the range of their wine are training in biodinamique criteria, thus great respectful for the sustainability environment. Outstanding the Pinot Blanc but however all the range of wines they are producing show a great personality and originally characteristic. All the information you find a the beginning of the post I just upload from their website. I had the wine with some spice asian stir fried jasmine rice perfectly matched. In a few days I made some homemade italian ravioli stuffed with mince meat, tomato sauce and peas; all toasted with butter red onion, shallot and silver beet. It works out as well. And the wine indeed after a few days was still fresh and perfectly good.

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