mercoledì 27 giugno 2012

Benedicte & Stephane Tissot are excellents winemakers in Jura in France, they are producing interesting wines from berries in a 32 hectares in Arbois on the Cotes de Jura appelation.
They working in biodynamic condition the use of Sulphur is very minimized. I had trough job the chance to taste their Chardonnay and by chance i bought a Pinot Noir from 2009:
Colour was a bit concentrate i assume the pigmentation in the fermentation was a bit longer from their cousins in Burgundy, show nice ripe fruit; currant and blackberries as secondary characteristic there were some tobacco and cinnamon running tighter with the fruit. Deeply length smooth tannin as every pinot has got, a chalky minerality on the palate with a freshness through the mouth for superb  acidity give a signal a long live to this vintage.
To enjoy with friends in a beautiful winter afternoon.

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