sabato 22 settembre 2012

One of the most controversial producer in Langha; Bartolo Mascarello his an old fashion winery who doesn't believe in Barrique small french oak cask to ageing the nebbiolo.
Only big slavonian oak or cherry cask big as well.... Also he believe the single vineyard is not a big purpose for that area in fact his wine is a blend for a different plot - a composition from the most well know area in Barolo district.. "Cannubi" " S. Lorenzo" "Ruè" "Rocche de la Morra"

Incredibile perfume, real fragrance, a melange of scents, first flowers, then berries, one second raspberries, the next strawberries, then truffle followed by leather; explosive. mouth filling flavors, great class and elegance.
Long live to Bartolo Mascarello wich rest in the hell after pass away not long time ago.

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