sabato 27 ottobre 2012

Montagne de Reims

Montagne terroir is rich in chalk a type of  limestone derived from the deposition of tiny life-forms on the bed of the sea which a millennia ago was in this area, thus give a Champagne Ardenne an extraordinary characteristic from his wine especially in Ambonnay, Trepail and Bouzy. Minerality and saltiness drive the wine from that area. Lately have been taste two different R.M. from this part of Champagne from Trepail David Leclapart and from Ambonnay Egly Ouriet.
Leclapart a blanc de blanc Apotrè from Trepail
David believe in the respect from life so his wine are pure and simply, the use of barrel is primordial, traditional pressing and the adding of sulphur as discreet as possible, indigenous yeast, no insemination with lactic acid bacteria. The racking and bottling are performed according to the rhythms of the moon. The malolactic fermentation is systematic because it allows to stabilize the wines and limit the use of sulfur.  Certified by Ecocert in Europe.
His wines are complex and subtle thats what i find on it, developed with time, texturally and refined, mouth fully and full of rhythm; like listen and album of ECM in the 90'.
The second one was Egly Ouriet with is premier cru a Vrigny 100% pinot meunier maybe one of the first producer to bet in the third grapes of champagne just 2 hectare of vineyard made a beatiful gold champagne with toasty characteristic and honey scent very long and completely minerality a very food champagne, I loved....

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