giovedì 22 novembre 2012

Il Pettirosso Nebbiolo ARPEPE 1999.

Since the Roman times the Valtellina has been the land of very important wine.

The wine is obtained by hand selecting the best bunches of grapes and then leaving them to dry on wooden lattices placed inside a dry and well-aired room, the “Fruttaio”, for at least 110 days until the end of January. 
During this winter period the climate of the Valtellina does the rest of the work and thus favours the drying and shrinking of the bunches of grapes. At the end of January the grape has lost about 40% of its weight, the fruit has dried and the concentrated juice has developed unusual and very dense aromatic properties. After pressing, a slow fermentation period 
follows and at least 24 months ageing and refining, first in wood and then in bottles. Valtellina Sforzato is thus a unique expression of a vine, the Nebbiolo and the area of this fascinating Alpine valley. Valtellina Superiore is always made using Nebbiolo grapes and is divided into five sub-denominations: Maroggia, Sassella, Grumello, Inferno and 
Valgella that, like Sforzato, are proudly entitled to the DOCG. 

One of my last drinking i had for this great Terroir is the winery ARPEPE Il Pettirosso 1999
The wine is a fusion of the Sassella plot which give a the nebbiolo grape elegance by the stony sandy soil and mixed with the Grumello plot which occur a beautiful sun exposition thus more sweetness print  the Nebbiolo. A wonderful synthesis of the Valtellina terroir, thanks to a long maceration and patient aging. The colour is definely garnet ruby red, with intense and elegant aromas, fresh vibrant and harmonious and absolutely true digestibility.
An Anti hero wine

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