sabato 8 dicembre 2012

Juice running in contact with the skin in Friuli Italy

I DRUNK IT +++++ and I gave it 34/100 while I was smoking a Sant Cristobal cigar from Cuba a the perfect humidity and select temperature... look what a match:
SIMPLE I.G.T. from Friuli Venezia Giulia 
a simple crazy wine full of mistake, start with the color definitely amber, unfiltered, secondary characteristic on the nose, less fruit and freshness acidity fight with the tannin... lots of shit coming in the glass, sediment, tartaric acidity.. apparently the winemaker forgot to filtered the wine, correct the acidity and didn't use any inverse osmosis filtered. Also he didn't control the temperature... what a lazy wine............

In the Gorizia hills of Friuli on the border with Slovenia, winemaker Damijan Podversic makes some of the most personal - and controversial - wines made anywhere. Damijan ferments on the skins in upright wood fermenters using only natural yeast. This may not sound so controversial, but indeed it is as he is making white wines not red. The results are white wines so concentrated with flavor and tannin that if you close your eyes you would be absolutely convinced you were drinking a red wine. Actually, you feel like you are drinking a red wine even when you have your eyes open. It really has no other equivalent in the world of white wines.
Certified organic by IMC (Instituto Mediterraneo Certificazione)

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