sabato 1 dicembre 2012

 Artisan Wines in melbourne...

Lately I have been living in Melbourne an amazing town, full of nice small places to eat and drink...

I have noticed in the bench of wine bars and the wine list all over the city in the last year there is an attention in "Natural wines" or  in my way  artisan wines....

In all my excursion i had the chance to try lots of nice stuff one of that is a Georgian wine (lately) imported in Australia... Georgia is the country where the wine is born, in-fact the wine born eight thousand years ago, and perhaps the first wine produced was in a region overlooking the Black sea, which the greeks called Colchis what we call today Georgia. Still today the rocky and small republic Caucasian is an extraordinary reserve with dozen of species and  different varieties of wines.
Georgia boasts an ancient culture of wine.

The wine I tried was from Phesant's Tears a winery led by an american artist John H Wunderman whom fall in love with the landscape of Georgia. All the wines aged in Qvevri; a large vessel made with clay in a shape like an Amphora or similar to egg, which is coated inside with organic beeswax, uses for fermentation and storage of the wine, often buried below ground level into the floor of wine cellars.
The grapes varieties was Saperavi from 2007, the wine was dark and concentrated in color with a really  smooth tannin and lifted by a nice spine of acidity showing an interesting aging, remarkable I would say! The notes where all towards secondary characteristic, less fruit was involved in the nose, displayed lots of earthy flavor and leather... I guess for the long time the juice spend with the skin contact and any controlled temperature and of-course inoculated yeast; which normally is helping in the process of vinification to lift the aroma and fruitiness. Overall i did like the drinkability of the wine which I'm looking often in wine.

Bottle bought at the restaurant called Virginia Plain in the CBD and if I'm not wrong they import the wine as well.

Recommend to try as well:

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