sabato 26 gennaio 2013


Nowhere else anywhere produces wines with such a wonderful fruit, drinkability and refreshing acidity......

simply red Beaujolais is light and fruity:
the lightest
the most fragrant
the more floral
St Amour:
is spicy
can be quite tannic
Moulin A Vent:
the most ageworthy.

The classic vinification is semi carbonic maceration, this contributes to the fruit appeal to the wine; old oak can be used to good effect for aging; with that loosing the freshness and vibrant effect going towards  elegant note of Burgundy Pinot noir.
Rounded cherry fruit on the nose and palate. Ripe and beautiful balance Fleurie style.
Fresh fruit with good structure and balance, with a fresh finish. Medium weight. Broully style.
Good structure balance with ripe fruit. plenty of potential. Moulin-a- Vent.

Loved these wines....

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