mercoledì 2 gennaio 2013

Cappellano or better Teobaldo Cappellano

Serralunga D'alba the most important cru for Nebbiolo grape in my simple opinion, Cappellano one of the top growers. 
I really enjoyed the night pre nye "The Piè Rupestris 2004" a great Barolo with complexity and elegance. A multi layer of scents and texture, bright color with a vivid Terracotta shimmer on the edge; the nose started with a small petal rose, wild raspberry, violet and anise. Moving to the length... was incredible with the fruit coming through with the company of balsamic herbs, licorice and candy. Long tannin, mature and precise. All his wines mature in big Slavonian oak so a tremendous traditionalist. We decanted it a for few hours before drinking and thus a great experience!
Teobaldo Cappellano is quite an important person to know in the italian world of wine in Barolo as producer and a person, well known in the "Consorzio of Barolo" and as a president "Enoteca regionale del Barolo"...
 Moreover he is the mentor of the association Viniveri in Italy where only producers producing in same manner respecting mother nature can be part of.
All his wines are made to respect the terroir the indigenous grapes and are not overpowering by the container used, very interesting is the Barolo Chinato an aromatizide Nebbiolo wine.
His wines are:
Dolcetto d’Alba
Barbera d’Alba
Nebiolo d’Alba (con una sola B!)
Barolo Pié Rupestris
Barolo Pié Franco
Barolo Chinato

On the same night i saw a collective personal of an italian artist called "Aligi Sassu" and i loved this painting, it was the shade of the color and also the means of the painting which symbolized his break up with the belief in the catholic church through the second world war... give me a connection with the wine in the night.... so I share here

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