lunedì 7 gennaio 2013

Icon of Barolo

Beppe Rinaldi is the owner of a mythical winery in the middle of Barolo town. In the last few years his daughter Marta has been assisting him with the same passion and savoir-faire. They have 7 hectares of vineyard between the commune of Barolo and Novello. Since the beginning they have been inspired by organic farming, the wine of Rinaldi has pure expression of terroir and is produced in a very traditional way. Severe attention in the vineyard, vinification in "tini", i.e. open vats oak, long maceration with skin contact, aging in big Slavonian oak "a pure expression of terroir of Nebbiolo in Langhe". Recently i tasted his Barolo Cannubi S.Lorenzo Ravera 2008, thus a great experience with a beautiful young colour! The nose; black pepper, licorice, raspberry, plum, with a jam characteristic. Mouthful structure; beautiful freshness, lovely acidity and an interesting young tannin. Excellent balance, a great young Barolo which ages for 42months in Slavonian oak, drinkable right now and for the next 20years. score: 99 out of 100
Rinadli produces to different Barolo, from different vineyards blended together - 
1. Barolo Brunate Le Coste, bottlse - at least 10,000
2. Barolo Cannubi S.Lorenzo Ravera, bottles - at least 6,000

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