martedì 15 gennaio 2013

The king of the Italian white wines

Most of the experts of wine may think Trebbiano grapes are a simple grapes varieties; every time refer to Ugni Blanc from France - well known used for distillation. However there is one artisan in Abruzzo in the middle of Italy called "Valentini" which produce a Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, an outstanding white wine with great longevity. I have been drinking lots of vintages of this producer. In the last couple of weeks, i drank a few bottles of the latest release 2007, vintage refer to '77, '87 (two gold vintages from Valentini)! '07 in Laureto Aprutino in the country side Pescara, town in Abruzzo..was a dry hot summer which made Francesco Paolo Valentini to harvest earlier, at the end of August thus to keep a notable acidity on the berries with a pH around 3, similar if you were going to make a sparkling wine. Therefore this technique "early vintage" slowed down the maloactic and gave time to refine the wine. Colour, a little cloudy and a little bit of cO2 - so a synonyms for evolution. Nose, fascinated me - beautiful minerality with a hint of nuttiness, chamomile and oolong tea, bergamot and brioche. Palate, impressive - very nervous with beautiful freshness, a malty layer of taste on my tongue with an impressive length, makes me try and re try and re try again... death by taste, outstanding! Container, aging - very old big oak, very minimal intervention. In this Christmas time, of the Valentini wines i tried (5) one of which was corked - i cried that day. But, a friend of mine opened the Montepulciano red 2001, the last vintage produced of the late Edoardo Valentini (the father of Francesco Paolo Valentini). The best wine gift, i won't review because it is too good to share.
2007 Trebbiano d'Abruzzo released after '08 and '09 because his thought was that '07 was too young, not ready for release.

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