domenica 19 maggio 2013

Domaine du Coulet Terrasses du Serres 2009 Cornas France.
 Matthieu Barret is the man behind this beautiful dirty Syrah from Cornas the bottom of north Rhone Valley. This wine is like a minimal noise composition from Concrete composition in the early 19th century something like Pierre Schaeffer or Bernard Parmegiani (for the term musique concrete is the essence of breaking down of the structure production of traditional instrument, harmony, rhythm, and even music theory itself, in attempt to reconstruct music from the bottom up)

The nose is dirty, dusty and earthy goudron dark fruit, black pepper, charcoal and tar with intense minerality long finish and dirty on the palate… A beautiful wine not for everyone in the same line of Allemande and Clape..
Love Cornas. 

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