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Central Otago is the coolest wine region and one of the most south southerly wine regions in the world.   It's a continental climate with hot summer and cold winter and hot summer days and cold nights. The local mesoclimates turn out to be suitable for a Pinot Noir. Most winery a less than a decade old with the successful Pinot Noir joined by Pinot gris, Sauvignon blanc, Riesling and Chardonnay.

Felton Road single vineyard Calvert in Bannockburn in Central otago 2010 was a bit over extract with pronounced nose of red fruit quite ripe and some beautiful red berries but quite tight wood spice and hint of leather. On the plate quite classic new world Pinot Noir structure long savory with a slightly sweetness mask by the oak.
Felton Road Beginning with meticulous site selection and vineyard design started in 1991, Felton Road's story is one of refusal to compromise. A strict 100% estate policy with fully organic and biodynamic viticulture (Demeter certified) ensures that our fruit arrives at the winery as pure as it can be, while our entire estate comes as close to true sustainability as is possible. A commitment to hands off winemaking: gravity flow, wild yeasts, wild malo, an avoidance of fining and filtration all help preserve the wine's expression of its terroir. No additions or adjustments are performed unless they absolutely need to be. The result is Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir which we believe express the authenticity and complexity of our unique vineyards. From their website..

 Next Pinot was Rippon one of the pioneering of Central Otago, but they are located quite a distance from the main regions, are at the bordering with lake Wanaka. They farm their vines biodinamically, different plot are separated in different parcels with different exposition and level of altitude. All the vineyards however are in a gentle slopes facing the lake Wanaka which  moderate the temperature acting as a mirror to reheat in winter time and warm the temperature in the cool nights. 
The 2009 pinot are bright in colour very translucent full of strawberry, red plum and cherry caracther savory and spice with velvety tannin and distinct minerality on the palate.
From my old post a year ago
Recently i had the chance to try two a beautiful pinot noir from a cool climate region  Central Otago in New Zeland on the bottom of the south island really concentrate in color with a great finesse, precise fruitiness as a cherry and mulberry jam. My mouth was full of fruit with a perfect smooth tannin, show at the back of the mouth a great acidity integrate with the aging of  the time spend in barrel some fine licorice and spiciness as pepper and cinnamon. Burn Cottage is the name of the  very new winery in Central Otago raising up from a few metal rock guys with a great C.V. in the field of winemaking, very harsh rock'n roll Pinot noir, hopefully the god of the rock'n roll bless them. 
                                                         Central Otago and Television

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