domenica 16 giugno 2013

I never post on my personal diary tasting, a wine which I didn't enjoyed but this time I a need to do this… I was in a rush this afternoon, I stop at the bottle shop to buy a bottle of wine and bring to a friend of mine … So I saw some Barolo was a bit expensive and went to the shell on Tuscany section I saw this Valdicava and I know James Suckling like this one. I never like his way to describe the wine so i never take him serious but this time a said to myself let me give him a chance, INFACT I didn't enjoyed this Brunello di Montalcino completely over extracted dark fruit lots of sweet spice and lots of oak tannin I'll say a wine like Michelle Roland doing in France… So Mr Suckling i was just on impression you don't like real wine or perhaps you really didn't get the means of world terroir… So please stop to infected the web with your recommendation… Because this Brunello doesn't have nothing to do with Sangiovese Grosso and Brunello style.

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