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Brunello based on a map….

Brunello di Montalcino is one of the most famous and prestigious italian wine.
All Brunello di Montalcino wine is made exclusive from Sangiovese grapes grown on the slopes around Montalcino a classic Tuscan hilltop village 30 km south of Siena. The world Brunello translates roughly as "Little dark one", and is the local vernacular name for Sangiovese grosso, the large-berries form of Sangiovese which grows in the area.
The climate in the production zone is Mediterranean. On the lower slopes the soil is clayey marl, higher up a combination of limestone and marl with some tufaceous volcanic stone. The best soil are "galestro albarese" clay with carbonate of lime and friable rock. The harvest go between the latter part of September and the middle of October.
Subdistrict of the Brunello zone
Brunello production zone can be divided into three district. The first district takes in the area north and to the east of the town of Montalcino, including the town of Torrenieri. The wine here are complex with rich bouquets, often need years to to reach their balance thanks to naturally high acidity and close tannin which mellow with time. Calcareous soil encourages roots to penetrate deep to underlying minerals that result on flavors and complexity diurnal temperature variations generate intense aromas, vineyards are located to 400m and 500m above sea level.
Producers to watch:
 Salvioni winery called Cerbaiola in the map number 53 
Colombaio Montosoli by Baricci Nello in the map number 3 
Il Paradiso di Manfredi producers in Via Canalicchio in Montalicno the vineyards are an altitude around  350 meter above sea level the total surface are 2.5 hectares using a spurred double cordon. 
I had lately is 2005 Slightly concentrated ruby that is evolving towards garnet red with luminous highlights. Violet, iris, ginger, cherry, eucalyptus, fennel, resin and stony. extraordinary persistence.
The second district, the smallest is a wedge extending southeast from Montalcino and around the town of Catelnuovo. Biondi Santi, Colombini, Poggio di Sotto, Poggio deli Ulivi  and Mastrojanni are located here.
Definely the beauties and elegance of Biondi Santi worth to try, every time I had his wines was a gift for mother nature. This area, the most protected, is considered to be the most favored.
The third zone, the southwestern part of the Brunello encompassed the town the town of Camigliano, Sant'Angelo in Colle and S. Angelo Scalo. this area are the most robust producers among them Case Basse Soldera, Lisini, Il Casello, Il Poggione, Col D'Orcia, Sesti in Castello Di Argiano. The vineyard are exposed a 300 meter to 350 meter and they make gripping Brunellos with muscle and finesse. The difference between Brunellos from this area and from around Montalicno are extreme. Soil are a combination of pliocene clay and alluvial deposits produce darker wine higher in alcohol with lower acidity which doesn't encourage aging.
From the area of Sant'Angelo I try the riserva of Sesti called Phenomena which is the name given to the brunello riserva to commemorate a significant astronomical event which occurred during the year of harvest. The graphic of the label of various years change in both image and color keeping the name Sesti and Phenomena.
 The wine was warm and transparent. Bouquet dominated by notes of crush and sour red fruit, herbs, iodine, pepper, tobacco and black cherries in liqueur framed by balsamic scent. Full bodied with a balance structure. Needs lot of times to grow. Ages 51 months in old barrels.

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