domenica 21 luglio 2013

MantonicoOz L'Acino

Calabria south of Italy an incontaminated  region where the landscape is still married with mother nature.
Recently I had the pleasure to drink a Mantonico grape juice from a very small boutique named L'acino.
The wine was clear with medium intensity gold color day bright with a light amber rim with a fine viscosity. The nose show some developing character as dried chamomile, acacia and white blossom flowers, bruised apple and pear…. Minerality are quite high with dried stone, steely, wet leaves and floor, brown mushroom and a undertone of honey character.
The acidity is high in balance with alcohol, body and flavor intensity mid palate was stony, mineral and complex with a very low tannin "polifenol" perception.
Seemed like I was watching a Samuel Fuller movie, iconoclastic, idiosyncratic and almost a new wave punk attitude.
Thanks to the owner Dino Briglio! Some shots of the slope of the winery of the Mantonico Pinto:

Thanks to Naz to let me try the wine @
                                                         Forty Guns Samuel Fuller...

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