sabato 13 luglio 2013

Muont Etna

Pietro Caciogna wines

In 2005 Pietro Caciorgna was invited by his friend Marco De Grazia owner of the winery Tenuta Delle Terre Nere whom produces an excellent Etna Rosso with Nerello Macalese. Pietro visited his vineyards, located in districts between Passopiciaro and Randazzo, he fell in love with the outstanding landscapes and the beauties of the vineyards. Marco De Grazia encourages Pietro to buy some plot of land until Mr Caciorgna finds this little gem, half of hectare of Nerello hundred years old also uncrafted "prefillosera". Located in Contrada Marchese near Passopiciaro. In 2005 and 2006 he purchased the grapes for this vineyards to understand the potential of the expression of the Clos; the vilification was take in Tenuta delle Terre Nere gently allowed by Mr. De Grazia. That's the reason of the name N'Anticchia which means in dialect just a little.
The production of 2005 did not even reach the 1,800 bottles. From 2006 to 4000, then it will lead to 5000 in 2007.
My bottle I had was 2009 and I fell in love with the complexity and simplicity of the wine.

The land in this area is magical! Full of sand and many minerals gives grapes aromatic finesse, silky tannins and velvety.
The result is a wine that is aged in new oak barrels more or less, is expressed with great aromatic finesse, good body, complexity and drinkability. Minerality high. Awesome drink as Morey St. Denis in Burgundy.

Pietro Caciorgna also owns a winery in tuscany in the commune of Casole D'elsa in Siena.

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