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Aligotè 100% n2

 Lalou Bize Leroy… Perhaps the most dynamic and important lady on the wine business in the world; a major shareholder of D.R.C. as well as owner of Domaine and Maison Leroy and the owner of Domaine D'Auvenay. She began her career as an intern in a Domaine in Gevrey Chambertin, learning how to make wine and how to taste. In 1955 she start running Maison Leroy and in 1974 Lalou also took over her father role's as director of D.R.C.. In conflict of interest in 1992 left the role as director at Domaine de la Romanee Conti at her sister Pauline and also Domaine Leroy lost the distribution of the wine of D.R.C. for owning some expansive Clos or village in the Cote D'or; her version of Richerbourg and Romanee St Vivian seen as competitor in some eyes in D.R.C.
Lalou in Domaine Leroy was among the first of Burgundy big name to choose biodynamic viticulture. Nicholas Joly in Savennieries help her to understand the philosophy of Biodinamique culture and speed her up on the changeover, the whole domaine was converted in 1989. For all the wines in Domaine Leroy e D'Auvenay all the works are done in the vines 90%, 10% is the sufficient job dedicated in the winery. In the cellar old oaks vats for the fermentation and temperature control. Whole bunches are used, no destemming for the pinot noir therefore the fruit has to go over two triage table, and the triage is savage. New barrel are used in different percentage, the vintage dictate the use of it.
The 2007 Domaine D'Auvenay Bourgogne Aligotè Sous Chatelet:
Wax, yeast, citrus peel, wet stone, smoke with good concentration and balance. On the palate very tight with vibrant acidity with notes of old oak; kernel and earthiness.
Very long minerals at the end limestone and chalky, superb.
The problem of this wine?
 The sulphur are very high, matches character are very present as happening in many big named in burgundy…
Someone believed is a distinctive burgundy landmark… not for me however. Was a good wine and good drink
I recommended it

The wine at the back is perhaps one of the best chardonnay in Australia Giaconda Estate vineyard 2011 in Beechworth wine region in state of Victoria. Keep update I'll talk about it on my next post...

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