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Mineral Agrapart 05

                                                     Photo from Agrapart website

Was my birthday not long ago and I had the pleasure to drink this beautiful champagne from Avize the champagne grower is Agrapart  in the Cote blanc, they make outstanding champagne, 6 styles in total:

-7 cru brut:
 made in chardonnay 100%  in 7 different villages which represent the domaine of the house. They are: Madreuil, Oger, Bergeres les Vertus, Avize, Cremant, Oiry and Avernay Val D'or.
Normally the wine is an assemblage of two vintage which are previously aged in barrel with the malolactic done completely and 3 years on lees.
-Terroirs extra brut:
100% chardonnay, malolactic completetely and 4 years on lees with elevage in oak before la liquere de tirage. Two vintage blended together.
-Complantee extra brut Grand Cru:
cepage are Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Blanc, Arbanne, Petit Meslier and Chardonnay only on the Grand Cru Avize. 4years on lees with 5 g. of sugar in the Dosage.
-Mineral extra brut blanc de blanc
Chardonnay 100% on old vines in the grand cru of Avize and Cramant on calcareous and limestone soil with a chalky bed, with 5 years on lees.
-Avizoise extra brut:
blanc de blanc on the grand cru Avize on 55 years old vines on clay and chalky soil, with 5 years on lees.
-Venus brut nature:
blanc de blanc on the grand cru of Avize with vines planted in 1959 which have been worked only with a horse called Venus… Hommage to the horse.
Agrapart has a great style with the aging of the cuvee in barrel to achieve the malolactic, which I love the texture I find in the palate. Great respect from the biodiversity on the vines with none of the chemicals spray, healthy drink my friends.
The 05 Mineral was gold in color with green watery rim fine and persistence perlage showing on my glass all the time; the mousse creamy and soft the natural Co2 was pleasant on my palate. A glass of heavy still water with good calcium match the drink perfectly (very important to drink still water with champagne, especially if pairing your food). Nose, golden apple and ripe pear with a citrus line, yeasty, biscuit, warm shortbread and salty and sugar doughnuts, white truffle great multi layer of aroma.
Great maison on Champagne.

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