lunedì 4 novembre 2013

New world cabernet Dry red wine N°1 2005

Yarra Yering Dry red wine N°1 2005
Cabernet ° Merlot ° Malbec ° Petit Verdot
Honestly I never understand cabernet red wine, first are very expansive, second are very hard to enjoy due their tannin structure and powerful.
However last night a friend of mine from Yarra Valley let me try this wine from his personal cellar; we did the tasting blind.
A first glance the purity of the fruit the smooth tannin the oaky character as moka, coconut and chocolate the slight oxidative component the hint of brett, farmyard, forest floor let me conclude the tasting, a spanish wine with cabernet into. I said this is Vega Sicilia or some good outstanding Rioja, I was definitely in the old world truly enjoyment wine.
Black cherry, rasberry jam, cook beetroot, dusty, dark flesh plum and tomato leaf. Lots of pleasant oak sweet spice and vanilla. Lovely tar and charcoal minerality.
We discovery the bottle and bang Cabernet blend from Yarra Valley, "Yarra Yering" awesome. I know I'm shit taster but I don't see that as a problem I don't want to be an expert…
I know this winery make really cool wine I drunk a lot of his reserve bottle fermented sparkling super  complex as Enoteque, Bollinger, Ouriet but without the chalky minerality which the only great champagne can give you.
However thank's to Cam to let me try this expansive bottle of wine a truly enjoyment drink.
Looking forward to a new tasting of Yarra Yering.

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