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Vouvray Huet

In the center of Touraine district lies a beautiful appellation called Vouvray which celebrating the versatile of Chenin Blanc.
The Vouvray designation AOC was made in 1936, cover the commune of Vouvray in the department of Indre et Loire, and the neighboring villages of Chancay, Noizay, Reugny, Rochecorbon, Sainte-Radegonde-en-Tourraine, Vernou-sur-Brenne and part of Parcay- Meslay.
The appellation regulations dictate that the wines must consist almost entirely of Chenin Blanc but in theory can contain a small amount of Arbois grapes.
Vouvray can be affected by the soil; clay soil may tend towards a fruity flavors, flinty clay soil may taste more mineral. Also siliceous-clay and limestone clay soil embrace the different of Terroir. The cool climate ensure good acidity, which balance the distinctive character of the Chenin fruit profile and acid structure and the mineral quality are impart by the soil. The vineyard are subject, in a good years, to botrytis cynera, the old responsible for most the worlds greatest sweet white wines. In this years, harvest is delayed until well into November and they may be several pickings in order to harvest the grapes at their moment of optimus ripeness. In other years only dried wines are made.
Vouvray come in 5 different style:
Sec, Tendre, Demi Sec, Moelleux,Petillant.
From Domaine Huet I had the Clos du Bourg 2002 Moelleux.
Le Clos du Bourg is a 6 hectare vineyard and a true clos, being surrounded by an ancient stone wall. It is acknowledge as the oldest cru in the appellation. The vineyards of le Clos de Bourg is the most recognize source for moelleux, from grapes that have been affected either by botrytis or passerilage.
The wine was pure aromatics, sweet but with a perception of dry finish pear, cream and lifted lime.
Palate was concentrated which rich texture honey and melon, great spine acid structure doesn't make the wine overly sweet.. Very good one

Le Mont sec 2001 by Huet.
Gold color. Very complex nose full of mushroom, nuts, rich herbs "rosemary", almost a truffle edge. Palate savory with honey and mushroom character, yellow ripe peach and mandarin cook in brandy. Awesome.
Le Mont is a site recognized since the 15th century, also know as Perruches for the greenish tinged clay with pebbles of flint.

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