domenica 8 dicembre 2013

Zidarich Vitovska 09

Friuli Venezia Giulia Carso Doc
Red, iron rich soil with a limestone content leads the wines an acidity characteristic  and mineral notes.
Vitovska seems to be the queen of this special terroir a crossing of Malvasia Bianca Lunga, Prosecco Tonda and Terrano a red which come from the Refosco Istriano Family.
Vitovska is a thicker skinned variety that can withstand cold winters, summer draughts and the strong wind of the Bora.
Zidarich is a small producer in the small town Prepotto only 24.000 bottle on only 8 ha of vineyard.
His Winery looks like a cathedral  sculpted from the hard rock a perfect meeting of nature and human ingenuity.
The wines are very particular and strongly traditional. The whites are made crushing the berry and leaving the juice with own skin during the cuvaison (fermenting must).  A true craftsman grower with a real understanding of the Carso terroir.
The Vitovska form 2009 was cloudy golden straw yellow. Floral and mineral with citrus zest and candied orange, notes of cloves, mushroom and under bush character, wet mint and mediterranean herbs. Sapid, punchy and very persistent 24 months in large barrels.
An hint of V.A. was very pleasant on the nose and palate, a very good handling winemaking.

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