venerdì 17 gennaio 2014

Viognier new world Bendigo.

Bendigo wine region in Central Victoria in Australia we are not far from Melbourne a few hours driving  in land.
Volcanic plains, alluvial, rolling granite hills, brown loamy soils predominate in structure with a moderate chalk content. The region has a mediterranean climate with warm, dry summer and mild wet winter. Some variation happening due to the elevation of slopes and aspect in regards of the mesoclimate vineyards character.
Sutton Grange it is one of the vineyard located in this beautiful part of the world, the man behind this winery is Gillies Lapalus he make a range of different wines and grapes varieties in two different lines Fairbank and Sutton Grange.
One of the wine I really love it is his Viogner under the label Sutton Grange; the 2010 has an incredible texture as Rhone valley do, but as the land change from an old world point of view also this wine do.
Pale yellow color, translucent and brilliance, good intensity. A bit reductive floral notes, pears and apple, undertone citrus lemon zest, mineral, granitic and almost flint, mushroom. Creamy and soft, great fluidity with a strong structure in the palate without phenolic heaviness, warm the 14,5% play a big role on the palate but very pleasant.
2010 was a great vintage with a perfect growing season with a good balance of sugar and acid, the aromatic profile of the grape was superb.

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