martedì 4 marzo 2014

New world Pinot noir Victoria Australia.

Patrick Sullivan is a young winemaker based in Yarra Valley. He is also the assistant winemaker to William Downie on his Thousand Candles project. Sullivan wines are a tiny production and sit in the lazy winemaking of the natural wine movement. Patrick uses wild ferments to transform his grape juice into wine, apparently it doesn't touch it all.
Jumpin juice is a blend of Pinot noir, shiraz and sauvignon blanc from 2013
Sour fruit raspberry and strawberry, vivid color mostly metallic and electric. Straight on the palate is dry, with a real freshness acidity which is the key of the wine. Good balance mostly focus on the perception of tannin and acid structure. The sourness in the palate with the high perception of the acidity reminds me of some Priere Rouch from Nuits Saint George. This wine is not built to be complex and artifact  is just a pure expression of the grapes with great drinkability. A pure expression of the mostly know region in Victoria Yarra Valley.
 Basil Farm is a Pinot noir from Bellarine Pennisula located on the Swan Bay in Victoria. Under the guide of this wine there is another winery from Yarra Valley Kiltynane. The project of Basil Farm is managed by Kate Kirkhope, the founder of Kiltynane estate wines. In 2007 began to improve the vineyard at Basil Farm. She introduced the fashion of biodynamic farming with wonderful results on the final wines with pretty aromatic aroma, more structure and complexity. The inoculation of the soil with biodynamic preparation populated the soil with beneficial micro bacteria and remarkable biodiversity give strongness to the vines. The bushfire of 2009 raged across Victoria especially in Yarra Valley, made Kate to sell the property in Yarra and moved her winemaking operation to Basil Farm. Subsequently the two wine businesses now have one only house, Basil farm.
The pinot noir from 2010 was brilliant in color ruby garnet. Aromas of red berry, cherry, raspberry, rhubarb and cassis. Dried rose petal hints of sweet spice. Fine smooth tannin. Acid youthful and soft. Nice length and roundness.

Byrne wines in Ballarat another small district wine region in Victoria state. Under this project there is the name of Alex Byrne's former winemaker trained at Dominique Portet and also some vintage in Gevrey Chambertin and back to Gelong with Lethbridge.
The Pinot I had was from 2012 a dense nose of savory red fruit, earthy mushroom along sour cherry with ripe elegant tannin lovely driving acidity. Great potential aging. 

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