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Pescara Natural wine bar

Papille  Pescara Luigi D’Orazio
Pescara is the biggest town in Abruzzo along the coast of Adriatic sea in the central of Italy, in this beautiful city among the sightseeing, the food and the wine play a big role in the CBD.
Last week we spend a beautiful night at this Osteria in the same line of Parisian bistro, the name is Osteria Papille hosted by the owner Luigi D'orazio.
Luigi is a very prepared person his wine list is focus on natural wine and old vintage of  Barolo and Tuscan benchmark at very good price; the food menu is enriched with selection of typical product of the region of Abruzzo and selection of different beef breed.
We had a charcoal fillet from the Limousin cattle from the Marche regions in France which it is an high muscle breed.
The fillet was tender and tasty, from advice of Luigi the first wine of the night we had was Le Raisin et L'ange by Gilles Azzoni 100% Syrah in a rosè style. It is a Vin de Pays in the Ardeche which is a forgotten appellation in the Rhone Valley, bisecting the north and the south of Rhone. Was a bit unclear but with  bright and vivid copper color, almost granitic on the plate a bit reductive with a very pleasant hint of volatile and why not some brett make that wine to follow in love. Sour cherry and tar with some humus balance palate and nose. Focus on freshness with a pleasant acidity and mineral content. Great warmness in the palate show the hot slope of the Ardeche.
Le Raisin et L'Ange.
The second wine we went in the Piedimonte  region  a classic or traditional Barbera D'Asti  to cut through the protein and the succulent of the meat was Vigna del Noce by Trinchero a small grower in Asti.
Vigna del Noce Trinchero
Renato ed Ezio Trinchero are specializing in Barbera, they make the long livest and most profound examples of Barbera to be found in all in Italy. From old vines in top sites and always vinified carefully to allow graceful evolution in bottle. This family farming only organically and are extremely meticulous with the viticulture. The Vigna del Noce is the flagship of the Trinchero the vines were planted in 1929. This cuvee are treated like a top Barolo, 45 days maceration during fermentation and aging two and half years in large old oak the classic italian Botti. After that rest for 6 months in bottle before release.
The 1999 was young, fresh and succulent still a baby. Depth with an impressive complexity there are no world to describe the beauties of this masterpiece.
After the steak we moved from a carefully selection of typical home made salami and cured meat and mold rind soft cheese selected by Luigi; all superb damn good. Here the choice was straight for a Burgundy Cote de Nuits.
Clos-De-Corvees Prieure Roch
This is the winery of Henry Freddric Roch is the co-manager of DRC he believes in retaining all the stem and bottling late; there are three different cuvee from the 5 hectares of the premier cru Corves in Premeaux the other village attached to Nuits Saint George. Clos de Corvees is a monopole here and the yields are low and the approach is very bio.
The Pinot was perfumed as crushed rose petal, red cherry and raspberry along humus, mushroom and chestnut honey, mineral limeston and refine clay. Palate long and persistence with lot's tertiary, smooth and elegant, delicious as Chambolle and masculine as Vosnè.
After that we continued drink an Australian Pinot Noir from Bendigo in the state of Victoria and another Pinot from Catalunya in Spain.. The Australian Atwood was very good, perfume add hints of cherry and rose with forest floor and dried mushroom. The spanish was very close all the time was tight and reductive but there was a good spine acid with really good slate mineral content.

line up...

Thanks to Papille a good place to spend a nice night.

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