domenica 4 maggio 2014

Lunch @ Calandrino Alajimo's restaurant

Alajmo family owned a 3 michelin star restaurant in Padova a nice cool city in north Italy.
Today I try to eat at their restaurant Le Calandre for the fact I was nearby, however the restaurant was closed; through the phone the guys told me there was the bistro or a small version of the fine dining Calandre called Calandrino.
So I say why not, i got one table.
As I walk in, the ambience was relaxed and vibrant waitress and waiter smiling and me and greetings my dumb attitude.
Yes I'm a bit dumb, however i got straight a glass of Saten Franciacorta from a producer I wasn't aware, not too bad.
Menu coming at the table and look at the price and I saw it was a bit price, i thought Padova must be a rich city? Suddenly on the corner of the menù I saw listed a good deal for a 3 course menu two savory and one dessert. It was a good one I was able to choose through the entire list and I did.
First dishes was a delicious potatoes coated and cook in charcoal on the base there was a tasty fresh curd mayo, small bite of anchovies celery and grated very finely a bottarga wich is a cured fish eggs. Salty and tasty my Franciacorta was a great pairing.
Second course a simple lambs racks with potato and caramelized onion, was a huge portion and that was fabulous because made me the possibility to drink a couple interesting glasses of wine which was on the option by the glass. The lamb was perfectly cook and the sauce was sublime.
First glass of wine was a cool producer which I really loved is Roagna from Barolo and Barbaresco, a simple Langhe rosso from 2006. Bright, fragrant with hints of mushroom and ripe plum and red cherry with mellow tannins with a good structure of acidity; I'm not sure on the palate there was some sweetness as new world style Nebbiolo. Perhaps was the vintage a bit hot? lets googling, our friend give the right to us, google said there were some hot burning days during summer.
Next wine I had a new coming producer in Barbaresco Mr. Roccalini from a five star vintage 2010.
Here the was a difference. Star bright, ruby color with good vivacity. Nose red sour fruit, balsamic, mint and fresh herbs. Violets licorice, crushed rocks and limestone. Palate great spine acid and young tannins with finesse, mineral and complex. Very long. That's was a good drink. Lucky lately I bought some of his wines in my personal cellar.
 Dessert was very good, Citrus orange piece and juice, black olives, chilly and Mango sorbet.
Was a great lunch, I did really liked simple but tasty.
Can't wait to eat back at the fine dining one.

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