giovedì 8 maggio 2014

Nebbiolo #Lessona #Spanna #Vespolina

Outside the famous Langhe Nebbiolo grape have got many brothers. The other night I was in Rome and I always know the Lessona D.O.C. was a great terroir for this amazing grape. I did order this wine from the winery Propietà Sperino my first time. We are in the provence of Biella in the north part of Piedimont. Lessona wines is also called "vino d'Italia" when in 1870 Quintino Sella financial minister of the country after Italy was unified and became political one country and one reign; he choose to drink the Lessona wines instead of champagne to celebrated this important event.
The propietà Sperino is the realization of a dream by Paolo de Marchi a famous personality in the world of Italian wines, perhaps more know for his other creature Cepparello a benchmark wine from Tuscany.
Continental climate at the foot of Biellese pre-alpine hills, soil contain ancient marine sand which give good acid structure to the wine and also allow the roots to easily discovery the nourishment of the mineral content in the soil.
The climate is dry, with generous light and cool night breeze which mitigate the hot summer days allowing a good rest to the vines in the night time without stressful them. This diurnal temperature allowing a long growing season, which results in a wine with fine flavors with mature tannin and savoury finishing.
At the restaurant in Rome the sommelier give me more information on the process of aging apparently fermentation has been done in open wooden tanks with long maceration for four to five weeks and aging in big barrel for 30 months.
 The wine was star bright ruby color with brilliant and vivid intensity with watery orange rim fade out on the edge of the nail wine. The viscosity was slowly with tight and slowly legs.
Pure freshness on the nose some violet, rose petal, red fruit as cherry, raspberry and strawberry tar, some balsamic menthol and hints of spiciness with intense minerality as sandy, earth and fossil.
Palate savoury, finesse with mellow tannin and perfectly structure.
Was a very good experience…

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