martedì 17 giugno 2014

Monforte D'Alba Bussia Dardi

A small vigneron in the center of Monforte make a really interesting barolo for the Dardi Cru in the big Lieu Dit Bussia just below Bussia Soprana; they are the Fantino Brothers Alessandro and Gian Natale.
Ancient vines planted on steep, southeastern slopes in a reasonable environmental friendly farming.
Their cellar is one of the gem in Monforte. A charming house with a cave underneath for fermenting and aging the wine with perfect natural temperature and constant humidity.

Alessandro and Gian Natale working the grapes to show the pureness of the fruit without build any unnecessary third aspect from wood aging; fermentation is taken through vats oak and stainless steel, aging are done in Barrique for a very short time and then aging in the classic big slavonian italian barrel.
We tasted different wines a beautiful Barbera d'Alba from 2010 clear and brilliant in color, lots nice red and blue fruit hints of spice, finesse and elegance with a typical easy drinking attitude.
Two Riserva of Barolo for the Cascina Dardi cru from 2006 and 08; time of aging in the riserva are very long 5 years before release in bottle.
Incredible complex, with different layer of aromatic flavor elegant and finesse are the sublime adjective to describe these wines.
I loved their hospitality and charming personality.
Also from the barrel we had some taste of the 2010 barolo sublime. To finish we had an exceptional glass of the Barolo chinato.
A great thank you to these two heroes of Monforte. 
Mr. Fantino talking with passion 

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