giovedì 21 agosto 2014

Lammidia the new boys of Natural wine


Abruzzo a green region in the middle of Italy along the coast of Adriatic sea the cultivation of vine has been a long, long tradition::. Pliny the Elder mention Abruzzo a few times in his books just because was fashion; other intellectuals were talking about the most beautiful region of Italy.
However currently a new stars of vignerons is born:
Lammidia located in a small town up to 700 metre above sea level called "Villa Celiera". I have been in this town and seems like time has been stopped just after the second world war, lots of sheeps around and the main job is the cultivation of the land in many crops; outstanding!

Marco e Davide are the mind and the hands behind this fantastic project, Montepulciano and  Trebbiano or Procanico this is the way they like to call it. Experimental vineyards are planted with Pinot Noir and later they are thinking of something like Poulsard or Trosseau. These guys are really open mind they are not related with the ancient tradition of the folks around Italy. If they find a perfect land with particular soil they look for the right grapes even if before no one never planted in this land, I'm really looking forward to try in 5 years their Pinot Nero.
Davide e Marco talk and explain their wines.
Is a few years they train themselves experimenting with fermentation, aging and other techniques to get the right wine. For me they are at the perfect mature way. 
Now they are very clear, they know what they want, no tertiary hints on their wine by oak, only concrete tanks and some amphora, fiber glass and stainless steel. 
The wines are pure expression of their personality and bring out the soil mostly pebbles on the surface with great percentage of limestone and predominately by marl and clay.
Mineral, reductive and crunchy for me are the three adjectives to describe their wines.
The first wine they did was made here, now are containers used to move wine.

This guys has worked in Italy and France in many well known natural wine producers Jean Foillard,   Gian Marco Antonuzzi and many more… 

The visit finished with a night time drinking their wines and some other bottles and they prepared for us a beautiful pasta dishes made with Verrigni pasta and clams was superb.

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