sabato 25 luglio 2015

old world vs. new world pure juice

Jean Claude Lapalu a small Vigneron in St Etienne La Varenne in Beaujolais. His approach of winemaking is very simple and straight forward a good friend of the oxygen and the grapes. He play with different vessel as barrels and Amphora. The So2 is almost an enemy, the use is very little and dictate by the vessel has been used, apparently the Amphora let him not to use any. 
His wines can have some pleasant VA and sour red fruit all support by the intense minerality showing in the glass.
Jauma from Mclaren vale in South Australia work in the same way of Lapalu but with different grapes. The man behind is a young sommelier in Australia which switch is career and move in other side making superbly nice wines with great drinkability; James Erskine is the man behind Jauma.
from the McLaren Vale sub appellations Blewitt Springs and Clarendon which are an extension of the Adelaide Hills, here in this part of the world there is cool breeze from the ocean and great diurnal temperature range. This characteristic make the wine full of energy and acid structure with great body. James prefer show the characteristic of the grapes rather than mask by the wood which is quite normal in Australian winemaking.
His wine are fresh clean and superbly attractive with not much tannin structure, silky and smooth the concentration of the fruit is paramount but are not sweet and jammy rather fresh and juicy a great vigneron for the New world winemaking.

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