domenica 29 luglio 2012

superb example from the Moric line of wines by Roland Velich, a Burgundy-obsessed producer who is showing that the ancient Blaufränkisch grape (known as Lemberger in Washington State and Kekfrankos in Hungary) can produce fascinating reds in white wine country. Very similar to Pinot Noir, this Blaufränkisch has a beautiful aroma of berries and sweet spices coupled with lean, elegant fruit. This wine is alive: Taste the way it changes in the glass.
Savagnin  Emanuel Houillon Arbois Pupillin
 Pretty shy on opening. Given some air, this unfurls on the palate that Overnoy textural cloud that delicately saturates every nook and cranny, infusing it with fractal complexity. The veil character is strong, but manages to be subtle and finessed. Lacy yet fierce acidity cuts down the middle. So subtle and beautiful, this is a wine for contemplation
Two great wines from uncommon areas in Europe Burgeland in Austra and Jura in France... to go with alternative experimental micro minimal conceptual music.

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