sabato 20 ottobre 2012

Sauvignon blanc

is certainly the white varieties most important and popular, along with Chardonnay in the whole world, which make some of the best white wines in the world. It is good to specify Blanc, because there are different varieties of it, mostly depending on the color of the grapes, Sauvignon Gris and Rosé (which gives the wines a good body), appreciated in the Bordeaux and Loire. There are Sauvignon Jaune, Noir, Violet and  the last is Sauvignon Vert or Sauvignonasse considered related to the Friulano or Tocai in Italy, very popular in Chile (less abstract, more rustic, less potential aging ). It is a grape with penetrating aroma, which allows the immediate recognition, the typical scents: gooseberries, nettles, moss and cat pee (characteristics that are best expressed in Sancerre and central areas of the Loire). In California, Australia and New Zealand has been tested with fermentation and aging in oak resulting in wines more complex, but with the loss of the freshness and aroma that have rightly made ​​him famous. However, with this method, thanks to careful selection in the vineyard and better calibrated dosages of wood, made a great Sauvignon capable of long aging. Accompanied by Sémillon and Muscadelle produce in Sauternes one of the greatest sweet wines in the world, with great longevity. Very vigorous plant, needs good pruning to avoid excessive vegetative growing. In Italy, even today, the best Sauvignon are produced in Friuli and Alto Adige,  almost all matured in stainless steel.

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