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Pfalz Mosel Riesling

Okonomierat Rebholz is one the most important producers in Pfalz they farms some very special sites that show the amazing minerality the German riesling have got.
The soil of the Palatine combine with volcanic, chalky and sandstone,,, spice and vivacious wine with enriched mineral content.
2011 spatlese from the Grosses Gewachs Rebholz was pale yellow green, offering floral, white peach and citrus with flinty and limestone notes. The palate was off-dry and clean, elderflower and ripe orchard fruit. Complex and unforgettable.

Zilliken has a deepest cellar on the Saar river in the Mosel region in Germany the wine aging and maturing in optimum conditions in German oak. The Saarburger Rausch is the vineyard where Zilliken work on his wines. It lies right on the edge of the town. His another Grosses Gewachs producer of the VDP member which means they will make a wine from their top sites as the picking can be Kabinet/Spatlese/Auslese but the sugar must be fermented through dry.
The 95 had an incredible clean aroma, mangoes and peach an intense mouthfeel; thick and rich. Long age ability the acidity was very high mask very well by the residual sugar.
Another interesting wine from Mosel is Schloss Lieser from Thomas Haag a wine made in one of the best site of the Mosel Niederberg Helden a monstrous vineyard in a very steep slope with slate soil almost very white to reheat and reflect the sun during nights and days.
This vineyard receive a good amount of water and is very resistant to drought and the wine producing tend to be fuller and richer.
The wine was ripe and exotic with green apple and pear with a big bone structure and incredible minerality.
Mosel Steep slopes 
Niederberg Helden Vineyard Mosel

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